The right thing to build

A few short words for those intrepid project-starters and entrepreneurs A new project looms. Questions arise in the mind of creator, “Should I begin building or is it a pointless endeavor?” The self-critic kicks in alongside the big dreams and visions of a better future, flaring up volcanic levels of dissonance in the mind. To avoid the burn, some friends and family are consulted. “What if you focus on this instead?

Rise of the technophilosopher

The new technologists equipped to explore and exploit philosophy for business Our world is developing new technologies that are pushing the boundaries of morality and social norms, and the resurgence of the humanities is imminent. We will see a new wave of applied philosophy managed by a new job title, the technophilosopher. The training for such a role will involve the study of computer languages and programming, the ability to manipulate large data sets and statistical models, and a rigorous study of classical and modern philosophy.